Eugenia rhombea

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Eugenia rhombea - red stopper
Common name: red stopper (English)
Family: Myrtaceae (Myrtle)
Distribution: Lower Florida Keys, Bahamas, Mexico through the West Indies and Central America to northern South America
Description: Eugenia rhombea, the red stopper, is a small (typically not more than 12’), very slow-growing tree. This Florida endangered species is native to hammocks of The Keys as well as the West Indies and Tropical Americas. This species looks similar to white stopper, Eugenia axillaris, but only the leaves of red stopper have a light green margin. All stoppers are great for pollinators and migratory birds. Found only in South Florida and the West Indies. The name "stopper" is derived from the plants medicinal use by early Florida settlers to cure diarrhea. Plant in light shade.


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