Grevillea baileyana

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Grevillea baileyana - Bailey's Silky Oak, Findlay's Silky Oak, White Oak
Common name: Bailey's Silky Oak, Findlay's Silky Oak, White Oak (English)
Family: Proteaceae (Protea)
Distribution: Australia (NE-Queensland), New Guinea
Life form: Evergreen tree
Description: Brown Silky Oak is a rainforest tree from tropical Australasia that will usually reach a height of about 25 to 35 feet in cultivation, but probably less in South Florida. Very few Grevillea, or Proteaceae in general, do well in South Florida, despite their ornamental desirability. This species is a striking exception and shows excellent adaptability to our limestone soils and normal fertilizer regime. Its leaves are glossy green and have a beautiful bronze-gold color underneath. When the wind blows through the leaves, this gorgeous color is very apparent. The juvenile leaves are lobed and look quite different from the adult leaves, which are elliptical and unlobed. When in bloom, the tree becomes covered with spectacular clusters of fragrant, cream colored flowers, usually between August and December. Prefers full sun and well-draining soil.


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